Freezing foodstuffs

congelamento alimenti

The many services offered by this company include the freezing of foodstuffs, an indispensible operation for the correct preservation of foods that are easily perishable. This is possible thanks to rapid logistics that include the immediate reception of goods needing to be stored in cold rooms. A rapid and attentive procedure that keeps foodstuffs intact, ensuring they maintain their nutritional properties.

Preservation of primary food materials

Primary materials are frozen using two sub-zero cold rooms, which are continuously controlled and especially designed to remain cold inside, regardless of the external temperature. In this regard, Sodele has two refrigerated warehouses at -20° and -25°, ideal temperatures for freezing meats, fish, fruit and vegetables, and semi-prepared foodstuffs in general such as pre-prepared meals and foods intended for frying.

Road and rail transport

Using qualified warehousing staff, and thanks to this useful service, the company has become a point of reference for companies in the agricultural and food sector. Furthermore, its strategic position in the province of Reggio Emilia, just a stone's throw from the highway, allows heavy vehicles easy access. Furthermore, Sodele also has a self-owned railroad siding for the transport of foodstuffs by track.

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