Bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouse

deposito doganale

Sodele is also a bonded warehouse for foodstuffs, designed to hold and store national, foreign and nationalised goods. This transit point in Reggio Emilia offers important logistical services for companies, above all for agricultural and food companies needing a strategic resting point in Italian territory. It is the geographic position of Sodele warehouses that offers clients added value: located just behind the Milano-Bologna highway (an almost compulsory path for those needing to move from the Lombard capital towards the south and vice versa) and directly on via Emilia. Amongst the many advantages of this company, it also has a self-owned railroad siding allowing the direct arrival of commercial trains into its warehouses.

Storage deposit for European community and non foodstuffs

Sodele offers a bonded warehouse service, a regime allowing the momentary suspension of payment for rights in economic terms, ensuring goods are not subjected to taxes until their arrival at their destination. Sodele offers this service for both European community and non goods. Warehouses are therefore authorised by customs authorities to work as a storage deposit for goods travelling to and from Italy.

VAT storage deposit

Generally speaking, in order to utilise the VAT storage deposit, it is necessary to correctly complete the forms provided to the company's offices, in order to streamline the warehousing and storage procedure. A team of experts is available to help company employees complete all the necessary fields in order to benefit from this service, guaranteeing accuracy and professionalism.

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