Controlled temperature refrigerated warehouses

Sodele Magazzini Frigoriferi srl is a point of reference in the logistics sector, operating in the province of Reggio Emilia from an extremely strategic location for the storage of goods. The company has a type A bonded warehouse to hold foreign, national and nationalised goods. Furthermore, the company has a railway station with a self-owned railroad siding: one of the many reasons that clients regularly place their trust in the convenient range of services offered.


Cold rooms with a range of temperatures

Thanks to a surface area covering approximately 56,000 m 2 , with direct access to via Emilia and in the proximity of the Milano Bologna highway, Sodele has become a consolidated company in the market for the storage of goods, including foodstuffs. In this regard, the company has cold rooms equipped for the storage of perishable products: one warehouse with a temperature of -20° and another with a temperature of -25°, covering a total of approximately 46,000 m 3 gross.


Fridges with stable humidity level

Refrigerated warehouses have both a controlled temperature and an optimal humidity level: approximately 2,000 m 3 of storage space for foodstuffs and 2,200 pallet spaces for other types of goods. Sodele also has acclimatised rooms with a temperature of +15° suitable for the storage of products with a medium to long-term expiry date.


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